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The Resort now has two guest lodges each with six bedrooms; as well as a four bedroom self catering cottage. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and ceiling fans and are built to take advantage of the natural ocean breezes with views of the ocean, river and forest. Wide-open balconies compliment the accommodations.

The Lodges and Restaurant are the First Phase of a Planned Development, which will blend the existing natural habitat with simple basic comfortable facilities. It is hoped that this ongoing exercise will provide fulfilment and pleasure to all who come to this place of quiet solitude. To bask in the warm sunshine; swim in the waters of the ocean and lagoon; listen to birds and crickets chirp; touch the velvet-like petals of wild orchids; walk softly under the canopy of Immortelle trees; and leave feeling blissfully rejuvenated.

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E-Mail us at: info@lagunamar.com